The Academy of Senior
Health Sciences, Inc.
17 South High Street, Suite 770
Columbus, OH 43215
Fax: 614.461.7168

About The Academy of Senior Health Sciences, Inc: Our Background

The Foundation of Our Success
  • The driving force behind our operation is to become the voice for all members concerning long-term care service and support issues and to aggressively advocate on behalf of our membership and the Ohio long-term care industry.

  • The basis for our success is simple. We work in concert with all members to identify vital issues. We develop a strategy for addressing these issues and we don't quit until we accomplish our task.

  • We do all this with an undying commitment to people...our residents, our membership and to all of the elderly and infirmed on our State.

The Academy Operates on the Following Initiatives
  • Representing members on long-term care service and support issues.

  • Monitoring of legislative, regulatory and other health care activities.

  • Addressing issues through public education, including awareness campaigns, public testimony, written comments and personal contact with legislators, regulators and other interest groups.

  • Providing high quality continuing education opportunities, onsite and online.

The Academy's Commitment

Success in today's health care environment requires the effective coordination of the resources provided by all members. The Academy dedicates itself to asserting the interests of its members via its public education and awareness activities. Academy members know they can count on us to follow-through on the commitment to consistently provide highly successful programs and advocacy.

To continue to aggressively represent the interests of all members, the Academy must have the support of each and every member.

Members Responsibilities

Participate. Participation from members is vital to our success — every member has the opportunity to participate as much or as little as desired. Find what works for you.

Educate. Support our onsite and online educational programs. Staff training needs go well beyond monthly facility in-service requirements. For this reason, the Academy provides high quality continuing education opportunities at a discount to members.

Respond. Quickly respond to our surveys or requests for information. The Academy will distribute surveys as needed to gather the necessary data to prepare for advocacy. Our ability to aggressively represent the membership depends upon the willingness of members to help prepare supporting materials necessary to make our case.

Inform. Tell other facilities in your area and your vendors about the Academy. Current members are the best ambassadors of the Academy. Talk about our successes. Generate one new member for the Academy each year.

The Academy Mission

Our mission is to provide public education and voter awareness regarding long-term care options. To accomplish this, we aggressively assert and represent the collective interests of members to the public regarding the delivery of health-related care and services to infirmed and disabled citizens in a professional manner, respecting the dignity of those served. Evaluation and advocacy regarding local, state, and federal issues is an integral part of this mission. Providing industry leadership and direction through clearly defined positions related to issues which support the objectives of the membership is an on-going operational premise. A willingness to pursue any and all appropriate avenues and actions as necessary to achieve our desired results is our defining principle.