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The Academy of Senior Health Sciences, Inc. (formerly The Ohio Academy of Nursing Homes, Inc.) seeks to provide public education and awareness initiatives to the long-term care community in Ohio. Our membership represents a true cross-section of the skilled nursing facility profession, from small sole proprietorships to larger Ohio-based multi-facility companies, as well as those businesses that service our industry. Through our public education and awareness efforts, the Academy brings the collective influences of the members together into a single voice on vital issues affecting our profession.

Founded in 1966, the Academy then identified one of its core purposes as "To foster a spirit of goodwill among those persons engaged in the nursing home industry, to promote ethical practices in their relationships with each other, their employees, and the general public to the end that all interests may be served fairly..." Though the organization has undergone several transformations over the years, most notably in 2011, its dedication and commitment to Ohio's most frail and elderly remains the same.

 The Academy Weekly Headlines from 2 Weeks Ago
Memory care unit workgroup addresses definition, PCC, environment, forms  —  The Ohio Departments of Health and Aging have convened a workgroup to help advise them on providing recommendations to the General Assembly regarding the regulation of memory care units. At its second meeting this week, the workgroup tackled the definition of "memory care unit." The group agreed to make the definition broad and to exclude any references to regulatory language. Essentially, a memory care unit would be part of a facility, or a facility, that provides specialized care and activities for those with a cognitive impairment. The workgroup will further define what a memory care unit is when discussing the requirements to meet the definition. They began this task by reviewing the current person centered care rule. The group determined to work from that definition and to consider including a resident representative as part of PCC.

Next, the group tackled the environment for a memory care unit. It was agreed that these requirements would have to be "grandfathered" in to avoid high costs or excluding some current memory care units from meeting the environment requirement. Consensus was reached that the unit should have access to the outdoors and should be "secure" in some manner. It was also agreed that lighting should be addressed. Units would be allowed to have "enhanced" double occupancy rooms and providers should use "wayfinding" techniques to help the impaired find their way around the building.

Finally, the group tackled pre-admission forms. It was determined that there may need to be two forms - one for submitting the required information to ODH for regulatory purposes and a different form to convey information to the consumer. The details for those forms were not determined at the meeting. The workgroup will convene two more times and cover topics such as staffing, performance measures, and regulatory methods.

Re-admission day is full day for bed-hold leave —  The Ohio Department of Medicaid is reminding providers of a newly effective rule that makes the day of readmission for a bed-hold leave a fully reimbursed day. According to ODM, the newest version of Ohio Administrative Code 5160-3-16.4 Nursing facilities (NFs): covered days and bed-hold days effective 8/17/2017, the day of readmission from an individual being on a bed-hold is a fully paid day. The “8-hour” rule does not apply to the day that someone is readmitted.
"(8) "NF occupied day" means one of the following:
(a) A day of admission or readmission.
(9) "NF readmission" means the status of a resident who is readmitted to the same NF following a stay in a hospital to which the resident was sent to receive care, or the status of a resident who returns after a therapeutic program or visit with friends or relatives. A NF resident can only be readmitted to a facility if that individual was not officially discharged from the facility during that NF stay."

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