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The Academy of Senior Health Sciences, Inc. (formerly The Ohio Academy of Nursing Homes, Inc.) seeks to provide public education and awareness initiatives to the long-term care community in Ohio. Our membership represents a true cross-section of the skilled nursing facility profession, from small sole proprietorships to larger Ohio-based multi-facility companies, as well as those businesses that service our industry. Through our public education and awareness efforts, the Academy brings the collective influences of the members together into a single voice on vital issues affecting our profession.

Founded in 1966, the Academy then identified one of its core purposes as "To foster a spirit of goodwill among those persons engaged in the nursing home industry, to promote ethical practices in their relationships with each other, their employees, and the general public to the end that all interests may be served fairly..." Though the organization has undergone several transformations over the years, most notably in 2011, its dedication and commitment to Ohio's most frail and elderly remains the same.

 The Academy Weekly Headlines from 2 Weeks Ago
Notes from the ODM SNF provider meeting —  The Ohio Department of Medicaid met with the nursing home associations last week. Below are notes from the meeting:
  • PASRR update - The agencies that have PASRR rules, ODM, MHAS, and DODD, are currently coordinating the rule changes to be consistent. The anticipated effective date is Jan1. ODM will be providing webinars and other training opportunities as the new rules go into effect. (Including presenting at our Fall Conference on Wednesday!) Providers are reminded that beginning December 30, the HENS system will be used for submitting ODM Form 3622. ODM estimates that about half of SNFs are submitting the form via HENS.
  • PDPM/Case Mix - ODM said they have no intention of changing the case mix rules at this time. They noted that they provided guidance in their PDPM memo. The department is in the process of hiring a consultant to review options related to PDPM and case mix scores. Once a determination has been made, ODM will change the rules accordingly. ODM said they will work with the associations as they decide how to incorporate PDPM into SNF rates or use the Optional State Assessments to continue with the current calculation.
  • PL and medical expenses - ODM has said they are seeing an increase in the number of deductions from the patient liability for medical expenses and/or deductibles and premiums. An example would be for wrap-around services such as dental. ODM will be reviewing what it considers an allowable deduction for the purposes of patient liability. It was noted that in many of these cases the SNF is not responsible for the expenses and they have to work with the county case worker on the determination.
  • PL and audits - Patient liability is coming to the forefront as ODM begins reviewing FY2017 documents. The question of if the MITS screenshot would count as the source of the truth since the 9401 was changed was asked of ODM. ODM would not agree, only saying it would be considered as part of the evidence in support of the PL. Other items, such as NOAs and journal entries on Ohio Benefits would also be reviewed. ODM agreed that retroactive changes that the SNF was not notified of further complicates the review.
  • Transportation - ODM was made aware that finding ambulette transportation for residents on Medicaid was becoming increasingly difficulty. They were informed that three more providers have left the market.
If you have an issue or concern addressed at the next provider meeting with ODM, please contact The Academy.

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DODD to update CR Attch 9 FAQ document —  The Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities continues to work with stakeholders as they implement the new reimbursement system, especially as it relates to fair rental value calculations. DODD provided an update on the FAQ document for Attachment 9 of the cost report along with other updates at a meeting last week. Most of the changes were to incorporate earlier discussions. These include clarifying that external signage is not to be included and external signage is, providing better descriptions of projects, architect fees, and document retention. (Click here to view draft changes.) DODD will continue to update the document based on last weeks discussion, including clarifying language around attached structures and how they are to be reported. Other updates from the meeting:

  • Attachment 8 will not be on the 2019 cost report. It will be on the 2020 cost report.
  • DODD plans on using Attachment 7 and is considering making changes to the attachment that will add useful information. The expectation is that providers will use Attachment 7 to justify any reallocation of costs in the cost report. DODD will continue to work with stakeholders on how to modify the attachment.
  • DODD is coordinating their claims submission rule to match ODMs' upcoming changes. This relates to the 365 days to submit a claim.
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